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Fresh is best! At Yetwood Farms all your vegetables are picked within 24 hours of delivery. And don't you worry, we know exactly what goes into growing your produce! We strive to always be 100% transparent in all areas of business and production. We use organic practices, meaning we do not use synthetic fertilizers or chemicals at any point between planting to packaging. We use natural products to ensure that you are not exposed to any unwelcome toxins. We also guarantee 24 hour freshness. That's right! All of your vegetables are picked the morning of delivery. This helps guarantee better tasting vegetables with a longer storage duration. We strive for transparency and quality produce. We have nothing to hide and so much to share!


BBQ to your hearts desire this summer! Our beef is 100% natural and hormone free. By raising our cattle from birth, we are able to determine exactly what goes into each animal. At Yetwood Farms we chose a diet that consists of grass, hay, and oats. Grass and hay produce a lean cut of beef, while oats give that marble texture making your cuts tender and packed with mouthwatering flavor. We take part in the Alberta Verified Beef Program to ensure that our animals are treated humanely and are raised in a natural environment. All beef will be prepared by Foothills Custom Meats where your cuts will be dry aged for 21 days to achieve maximum flavor...*cue drooling*

Farm Fresh Eggs

Better than pancakes! Who doesn't love a good sunny-side up egg in the morning to dip their toast in? We raise cage-free Italian Leghorn chickens. We chose this breed as it is best known for it's ability to consistently lay quality eggs. These chickens are able to bask in the warm summer sun and enjoy high quality feed and fresh grass everyday!

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