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"Fresh To Your Steps"
Yetwood Farms looks to serve the local community by providing fresh vegetables grown using organic practices. 
Our family loves the land and wants to share the growing experience with those who are interested in learning where their food comes from.  We desire to connect farmer and consumer and believe it is vital to today's health and wellness. You will receive high quality, chemical free vegetables without having to wonder how long the produce has really been sitting on that grocery store shelf for. We are thrilled to sell directly to customers who care to learn about agricultural practices and support their local farmers.
With over 4,000 acres of land, the Steeves have farmed in the Yetwood area for more than 100 years. First settling and working the land in 1910, the farm has passed through five generations. Primarily farming grain products, it is our recent goal to incorporate organic vegetable practices as we wish to encourage others to eat well and live well. Our market garden was established in 2015 to serve Lethbridge city and surrounding areas. Every season, we hope to expand and create an agricultural system that will provide jobs within our local community. We believe in and value community and have a passion for connecting people.
Our Guarantee
What makes us better than other produce suppliers? We guarantee that all produce will be picked within 24 hours of delivery to your door.
Hard work and perseverance are two things we value and need in order to grow a sustainable garden. Above all, we value transparency and intentional relationship, which means the hands that pick the vegetables are also the hands that deliver to your door! Not only do we want to feed you, we want to meet you as well. Come out to the farm or let the farm come to you.

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